Advice for inclusive accelerators: How to measure and manage impact

Malika Anand
February 27, 2023

Catalyst Fund partnered with the Bharat Inclusion Initiative’s (BII) FinancialInclusion Lab, the Financial Health Network’s Financial Solutions Lab, andFintech Cadence’s Innovate Financial Health Lab to form the XL Lab, a working group of fintech accelerators supported by JPMorgan Chase &Co., in order to create and share best practices for the industry.These accelerators have together supported over 100 startups providing fintech solutions to underserved populations to improve their financial health. The coalition conducted research to better understand how various accelerator programs approach and manage impact. This brief is the result of research and interviews with accelerators' leaders as well as external impact management experts and startup founders. Download the brief here.

This is a product of a multi-year collaboration between Catalyst Fund, Bharat Inclusion Initiative, Financial Solutions Lab, and Fintech Cadence that seeks to further the practice of accelerating inclusive fintech solutions for financial health. In addition to this brief, two previous briefs have been published through this collaboration: acceleration best practices and funding models.

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