We build ecosystems that enable founders to succeed

We know that accelerating climate tech startups directly isn’t enough. The wider environment they operate in needs to be conducive to their growth: addressing capital, talent, partnerships, and regulatory barriers.

Catalyst Fund accelerates the climate tech ecosystem by bringing together leading global and local innovators to form circles of investors, corporate institutions, talent networks, and other enablers, who commit to working with us to advance the wider ecosystem.

Our team

Circle of Corporate Innovators

Our Circle of Corporate Innovators includes local and international innovation-focused corporates who are building the foundation for successful corporate-startup partnerships.

Our team

Circle of Talent

We partner with leading universities and networks to fill short-term gaps in technology, data, design and business talent at our companies, and elevate career opportunities in the sector.

Partner with us

We partner with founders building tech solutions for climate adaptation and resilience in Africa