Our team

Our venture-building model

We invest in and support startups via our bespoke venture-building support delivered by industry and market experts, curate connections with our Circle of Investors and Circle of Corporate Innovators, and provide access to the best network of tech innovators worldwide.

Our Impact

Bespoke venture-building support

Our venture-building support is entrepreneur-led and tailored to each individual company’s needs. We begin with a diagnostic phase that dives deep to understand each company’s product, strategy, communications, finance, operations, tech, and other needs.

Product & Tech

Tech: Product roadmaps, system reviews, cloud computing device

Data: Dashboard for metrics tracking, AI/data readiness, data visualization, data analysis

UX: User research, personas, surveys, testing, prototyping, value proposition design

Funding & Partnerships

Business modelling and forecasting

Investment readiness

B2B partnerships: market analysis, introductions, partnership terms

Talent & Growth

Target growth strategy

Paid internship

Hiring Talents

Employee retention

CEO leadership development

Coaching for technical experts

Marketing & Comms

Communications: Core massaging, customer voice, collateral creation, pitch practice, PR

Marketing: Channel strategy, 1-year plan, segmentation

Growth plan

Our Impact

AAA approach: Inclusive tech solutions

Catalyst Fund strives to create AAA (Accessible, Affordable, Appropriate) products and solutions that will truly benefit low-income, underserved populations.


For low-income customers and MSMEs


To meet the needs and preferences of undeserved populations


To the undeserved without unnecessary complexity

Partner with us

We partner with founders building tech solutions for climate adaptation and resilience in Africa