The Catalyst Fund Impact Report: 2022

August 30, 2023

In this impact report we reflect on seven years of the Catalyst Fund and explore how the entrepreneurs in our portfolio are enabling a more resilient future for vulnerable communities in emerging markets.

As an early-stage tech accelerator from 2015-2022, the Catalyst Fund supported 61 inclusive fintech startups in emerging markets, providing them with critical capital and venture-building services that they needed to grow and succeed.

This report shares the stories of some of the startups we have supported and the impact they have on the communities they serve. We describe the Catalyst Fund model and highlight the lessons we are taking forward into our next phase as a venture capital fund and accelerator. 

We hope that by sharing this, we can inspire others to join us in our mission to build a more resilient future for all.

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We are actively looking for early-stage startups that improve the resilience of underserved and climate-vulnerable communities in emerging markets.