Our Investment Thesis

October 30, 2023

The Catalyst Fund is a VC fund and accelerator backing early-stage tech entrepreneurs who are scaling solutions for a climate-resilient future in Africa.

While contributing less than 4% to carbon emission, Africa is a powerful hub for climate tech innovation. Due to its natural assets, abundant arable land and renewable energy, growing workforce and tech talent, and ability to leapfrog technology developments, African innovators can build solutions to enable a low carbon future and increase the resilience of 1.5 billion people on the continent.

The climate innovation opportunity is valued at $2.8t by 2030 and the benefits are clear: increased agricultural production, higher household incomes, improved environmental services, long term assets, and reduced vulnerability to extreme weather events. The World Resources Institute finds that every dollar invested in adaptation yields net economic benefits ranging from $2 to $10.

In the face of climate impacts, every sector of the economy will need to adapt. We want to make sure climate solutions are accessible to all.We focus on backing game-changing entrepreneurs building tech and tech-enabled ventures offering affordable, accessible and appropriate solutions for climate-vulnerable communities across key economic sectors, and we grow them to become commercial and scalable companies.The fund invests in three verticals:

The climate adaptation market is huge and growing, the business models are in place, the opportunities are diverse. The time to invest in climate resilience is now.

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We are actively looking for early-stage startups that improve the resilience of underserved and climate-vulnerable communities in emerging markets.