Get to know Kevin Rejko, Tech & Data Specialist at the Catalyst Fund

Kevin Rejko brings creativity, passion, and dedication to his work as Tech & Data Specialist at the Catalyst Fund. With his diverse background and interdisciplinary expertise, Kevin empowers startups to maximize their social impact through strategic use of data and technology. He joined the Catalyst Fund to help startups drive impact at scale. 

"I have a passion and background working for startups," he said. "I was excited about the opportunity to work with the Catalyst Fund because it allowed me to utilize my expertise and expand the support I can provide to multiple companies in parallel instead of only one at a time."

Kevin brings over 15 years of experience working in technology and startups. He has worked as a mobile app developer, systems architect, full-stack engineer and project manager. Kevin has expertise architecting digital solutions, managing development teams, building APIs and web interfaces, prototyping computer vision applications, and more.

At BFA Global, Kevin has worked on accelerator programs and platforms leveraging the power of technology for good. This included the RegTech For Regulators Accelerator, DataStack, and FIBR. Through these programs, Kevin helped early stage companies harness innovation to drive social impact at scale.

This diverse experience equips Kevin to deeply understand startups' needs and empower them to achieve their goals. Kevin brings a startup mindset to his work. He understands what young companies need to grow and is hands-on in helping them get there. 

"Data helps African startups make more informed decisions, and tech enables these companies to scale rapidly which leads to an outsized impact," Kevin explained.

In his role at the Catalyst Fund, Kevin provides critical technical and data support to African tech entrepreneurs building climate resilience solutions. He assists startups in leveraging data to gain insights and guide strategy. Kevin also helps them accelerate growth through smart adoption of technology.

Kevin believes enhancing climate resilience allows vulnerable populations to adapt and thrive in the face of climate change. 

"Climate change makes it much more challenging for time-tested processes to continue yielding adequate results, especially for life-sustaining activities such as agriculture," Kevin elaborated. 

One of Kevin's most memorable experiences was assisting our portfolio company Octavia Carbon with building a monitoring dashboard for their Direct Air Carbon Capture devices so they could understand how much CO2 they've captured. He loves seeing startups apply innovative tech to tackle real-world problems. 

Kevin also enjoys seeing how the community has rallied behind the Catalyst Fund’s events. He explained that it gives him both hope and inspiration to learn about the numerous ways and see all the people that are contributing to the climate space.

With his passion for innovation and commitment to empowering startups, Kevin is a highly valuable partner to the startups we support, and a perfect fit for Catalyst Fund's mission to build a climate-resilient future for all.

Learn more about the team behind the Catalyst Fund. We are a pre-seed VC fund and accelerator backing tech entrepreneurs who are scaling solutions for a climate-resilient future in Africa. Our thesis focuses on supporting mission-driven, local and women founders offering climate adaptation solutions that improve the resilience of African climate-vulnerable communities. Catalyst Fund takes an active, hands-on venture-building approach that leverages its team’s vast experience as operators in emerging markets.

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