Nurturing climate resilience through marketing: Gabriel Kuindwa, Marketing Associate at the Catalyst Fund

Gabriel, our Marketing Associate, is passionate about utilizing marketing strategies to empower underserved communities to build climate resilience. With nearly a decade of expertise in data–driven marketing, he believes well-thought-out and context-aware marketing campaigns can transform the lives of those most vulnerable, dispelling challenges of trust, traditions, and language.

He enjoys the dynamic nature of his work, embracing the variability of each day. Finding fulfillment in tackling diverse marketing and communication challenges at different levels, he collaborates with a myriad of founders and companies. 

One of the ways Gabriel supports our portfolio companies in improving their marketing approach is by conducting thorough web audits to map out their online presence. This process involves a comprehensive analysis of a company's website and social media platforms, assessing factors such as user experience, content quality, search engine optimization (SEO), and overall brand consistency. Based on the insights gained from web audits, Gabriel provides tailored recommendations to help portfolio companies optimize their online presence and develop effective marketing strategies that align with their unique business goals and target audience.

When asked about his most memorable project at Catalyst Fund, Gabriel recall creating a digital mascot for one of our portfolio companies, Assuraf, an insurtech based in Senegal. He collaborated on this initiative with our Marketing Lead, Akansha Kasera, and the Assuraf team. Assuraf needed to increase trust with users, especially populations vulnerable to climate change who need health insurance, to build resilience. "After intense brainstorming, we realized that a mascot would address low awareness in the country, educating users about insurance in an approachable, friendly fashion, breaking down the formality and jargon that turns off new users," elaborates Gabriel.

"This is how Kiraay, the lioness mascot, was 'born.' Her name means protection or cover in Wolof; she addresses myths and misconceptions about insurance and demonstrates use cases by finding herself in moments when insurance coverage comes to the rescue." 

Another marketing task that Gabriel handles diligently and rigorously on a daily basis for the Catalyst Fund, is social media management. He is the wizard behind our vibrant and ever-growing social media presence. He ensures insights, news, and events about the Fund, including those of our portfolio companies, are continuously updated on our social media platforms. To this end, Gabriel emphasizes that he is meticulously intentional when using the socials:

"Social media isn't just about posting; it's about creating connections, sparking conversations, and fostering community. I ensure that every update reflects our mission, engages our audience, and contributes to the growth and impact of our organization and that of our portcos."  

Drawing from his expertise as a marketer and because he believes optics are essential for any startup, Gabriel shares three crucial marketing aspects African tech startup companies should consider to scale in the climate resilience space: develop a compelling value proposition, gain a deep understanding of customers, and establish a prominent brand presence. "And most importantly, keep learning from your metrics," adds Gabriel. 

Gabriel's commitment to nurturing climate resilience through innovative marketing makes him an integral part of our team. His valuable experience in implementing marketing and communication strategies is evident. His willingness to collaborate with our portfolio companies to foster our mission is remarkable. Together, these qualities contribute to the organization's impactful work across the African tech startup ecosystem.

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